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You ever have one of those days or life's where nothing makes sense? You know the kind where one day you are living at home with your parents and everything seems normal. You are about to start your senior year of high school. Then they tell you they need to talk to you. They tell you it's time for you to move out. What? You always thought you would get to finish high school first.

All your life it has just been you and your parents. They have always said you had no other family you never questioned it. Now, however, they tell you to pack your things that you won't be coming back. Oh, and we are taking you to live with strangers. Strangers you will later find out are family.

Things only get worse from there. Not only are they family it turns out they think they are a pack of werewolves. Now everybody knows werewolves are only in movies and books. You think they're all lunatics. Crazy people that need serious mental evaluations. Not only do they tell you their wolves but they insist your one too. You laugh and tell them their crazy.

Then you start to try and figure out how to get away from them. Can you get away? Should you get away? What if they are telling you the truth?

Not only that but one of them claims to be your mate whatever that means. He's cute but needs a straitjacket. Go figure your parents dump you off and don't even tell you goodbye with these strange people. What did you do wrong you want to know?

Published May 06, 2016


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